Diabetes, as other chronic diseases, is a complex illness that requires a comprehensive approach to manage and treat; it requires ownership by informed patients with long term support by a multidisciplinary healthcare team. It also requires continuous supervised monitoring, education, and modification of disease management plans.

The Virtual Diabetes Center (“VDC”) consists of two integrated modules for healthcare professionals and patients. VDC has a Diabetes Electronic Medical Records (DEMR) system, data sharing to facilitate coordination among the integrated medical care team and improve workflow and productivity of the health care system, patient self-management tools and education modules to provide better patient care. It also provides comprehensive query and presentation tools for outcome data analysis for physicians and health administrators.

The Virtual Diabetes Center was developed by HN Consultants Ltd. with the support of a group of diabetes specialist and patients with input from family physicians, diabetes nurses, nutritionists, and other specialists to overcome gaps in chronic disease care, while reducing the costs to the health care system and improving the results and care for patients.

VDC is a single database of patient information combined with knowledgebase. It incorporates a comprehensive library of multimedia information regarding medications and clinical guidelines for the healthcare team, as well as educational materials for patients. It also equips specialists in taking a more active role in managing the health of large numbers of patients with chronic illness.

VDC monitors the patient’s response to treatment as well as changes and self-management of diabetes, and changes to lifestyle. In addition, the dynamic query feature of the program enables the health care team to review historical medical records and carry out detailed analysis. Please contact us for more information about VDC and how it can be customized for your operation.

The healthcare professionals’ module is an Electronic Health Record system with specialized modules for Diabetes Visit Records based on diabetes care practical guidelines.

  1. Patient Registration

    Patient registration includes: patient demographics, diabetes history, medical history, family medical history, and cumulative profile.

  2. Diabetes Visit

    Detailed user friendly forms are used to capture detailed, patient-specific clinical information in a format easily reviewed by clinicians. This information includes: medication, monitoring and hypoglycemia, diet and exercise, cardio and other illnesses, life style, physical exam, lab results, and vision.

  3. Assessment and Recommendation

    This section of the VDC gathers complete flow sheet data and historical medical data and facilitates sharing of recommendations between care team members. Members can use the program to produce comprehensive reports, letters to patients, and file existing forms which can easily be viewed by the entire team. This sharing of information will improve efficiency, prevent duplication of work, and provide a more comprehensive view of the patient’s condition. (Currently BC CDM forms are available).

  4. Reports and Data Presentation

    The reports section of the program includes a series of standardized reports and customizable queries for outcome analysis. From the database, the healthcare team can obtain statistics regarding patients in their clinic, medications, and laboratory results very quickly and easily. These statistics, and reports can be exported to pdf and excel for integration into medical papers or for other uses. The program can also be used to develop a recall list. Patients who have high indicators can receive automated notifications to see their health care team.

  5. Guidelines

    UThe VDC program gives the healthcare team instant access to Clinical Guidelines. Patient results that are outside the recommended values are highlighted for instant recognition.

  6. Education and Training

    VDC has a built in E-Learning feature for digital media delivery of educational contents and a Learning Management System for Continuing Medical Education.

The patient module “My VDC” is a user friendly, on-line health data recording tool. This program organizes and tracks the patient’s home test results for the healthcare team to review. The patient will have access to educational materials on diabetes and will learn how to manage their diabetes. The program is easy to use and is accessible by personal computers, tablets, and smart phones.

  1. Health Records
    Patients store information regarding their blood sugar levels, blood pressure, diet, physical activity, stress level, and other information related to life style that could have an impact on managing their diabetes. This information is accessible by assigned healthcare providers through a secure interface with the Virtual Diabetes Center.
  2. Education
    My VDC includes a comprehensive library of multilingual interactive self-education models. These modules can be customized on-line by the physician to improve a patient’s skills in diabetes self-management.
  3. Supervised Monitoring
    The program has a notification feature that contacts healthcare providers in cases where specific indicators such as blood sugar levels are out of range for an extended time. The indicators and time span are configured as per the healthcare provider recommendations.
  • Encrypted secure authentication with access privileges assigned to different roles
  • Single/multiple clinic configuration
  • Customizable to specific clinic use and other chronic diseases
  • Generate anonymous code for patients’ names for research and clinical trials purpose
  • Intuitive User Interfaces; tailored to the role of the user, providing only the functionality and data required by the user for the task he or she is currently carrying out
  • Detailed reporting and dynamic query tools
  • Generate eForms and e-mail messaging
  • DICOM Image viewer
  • Framingham, UKPDS, Stroke Risk, and CDA Risk Calculators
  • Automated download of Blood Glucose meter results (Ultra Touch meters by LifeScan)
  • Accessible by PCs, tables, and smart phones and compatible with most web-browsers
  • Intranet/Internet application
  • Developed in and MS Sql
  • Complete Content Management and Learning Management System
  • Easy to install, fast to configure and simple to deploy
Patient benefits
  • Patients are empowered though extended education, supervised monitoring by a diabetes nurse, access to educators, and access to a multidisciplinary integrated healthcare team
  • Patients’ home self-monitoring data is integrated with clinical data to provide comprehensive details for better diagnoses and treatment
  • The need for patients to repeat diabetes information to each member of the care team is reduced; the team has access to complete, current and accurate information electronically
  • Patients are enabled to participate more in their own care plans and set personal targets
  • Patients may be given more time for individual discussion during visits as a result of providers having the ability to proactively and easily prepare for each patient

Health care provider benefits
  • Efficient collaborative care that includes patient engagement
  • Increase specialists’ participation in patient care
  • Reduces the need to repeat diabetes information to each member of the care team
  • Allows more time for discussion during the patient visit by giving providers the ability to proactively and easily prepare for it
  • Possibility of increasing number of patients in practice due to efficiency of program software
  • Ability to view patient health information and monitor compliance with evidence-based interventions
  • Ability to be more proactive in setting patient care goals, view progress against targets, and receive alerts when best practices are not being followed
  • Clinical decisions can be made rapidly leading to better and faster medical intervention
  • Complete follow-up data and retrieval of past medical data and team recommendations
  • Patient summary sheet with complete clinical and medical information facilitate patients understanding of his / her health status
  • Comprehensive medical reports and automated Chronic Management Disease forms
  • Supports proactive scheduling of follow-ups and recalls through electronic generation of patient letters
  • Efficient and simple method of gathering disease based and/or patient based statistics

Health system benefits
  • Better care and access to proactive healthcare
  • Provide optimal consultative care for the fast growing diabetic population that cannot otherwise be met with the limited endocrine and cardiac consultative services, particularly in remote areas
  • Standardization of medical examination and clinical examination procedures, based on the clinical guidelines for diabetes management
  • Provide cost effective and better care for more patients with the existing healthcare resources
In addition to the use of VDC at small family medicine practices, diabetes clinics, diabetes education centers, and as a Diabetes Registry; VDC is used in the following care delivery applications:
  1. Integrated Diabetes and Cardiovascular Metabolic Disease Clinic
    Based on the model of placing diabetes nurse specialists in Integrated Family Practice settings where they serve as the essential continuing point of contact with patients for diabetes and cardiovascular care and education. The Virtual Diabetes Centre will be used for virtual consultation with endocrinologists and cardiologists and other members of a multidisciplinary healthcare team. Consultative recommendations are presented to family physicians on the same Web program; patients are enabled to input updated home blood glucose monitoring data, home blood pressure recordings, and nutritional and activity status which assures improved self-management functions. Continued care includes recent and follow-up laboratory test monitoring.

  2. Mobile Diabetes Clinics
    VDC is currently used by two Mobile Diabetes Clinics in British Columbia, for more details please click on testimonials.
  3. Community Based Diabetes Prevention and Management Programs
    VDC is part of our Community Based Diabetes Prevention and Management Program that is currently implemented at First Nations community in British Columbia Read more...